Reasoning in Higher Dimensions

In celebration of WoBloMo, I give you my first attempt at an every-other-day post for the month of March.

A recent conversation in a seminar that I attend reminded me of a post on Inductio Ex Machina that I read a bit ago. The take-home message of the post was “What seems obvious in two and three dimensional space does not hold in 10 dimensions or higher.” I can agree with that statement to a certain degree, but I have some reservations about saying that it’s true generally.

I was going to write a couple quick blurbs about how I do/don’t agree, but these keep branching into larger ideas. In the interest of having material to blog about this month, I’m going to develop these ideas later. To be continued.


2 responses to “Reasoning in Higher Dimensions

  1. bleh: I’m not seeing full articles on your feed…

  2. Should be fixed now.

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