Casual Weekend Notes

This weekend, I give you a cop-out post, hopefully a little lighter than my last. Just a few things happening in my sphere.

  • I’m addicted to Twitter, ever since I figured out how to use TweetDeck.
  • Lots more hits on my layoff post than I thought (25, as of today, rather than my predicted three).
  • People still like my hypersphere post, but not as much as when it was new on reddit. I still can’t get over the fact that someone reddit-ed my post! I’m still really flattered.
  • My wife and I checked out a few neighborhoods today that we’d move to, and that hopefully we can afford. We’re looking at houses this time (to rent, not to own), and we plan to move at the end of Summer. We’re hoping that the difficulty of selling will work in our favor.
  • I officially love Sumatran coffee beans. The flavor is exactly what I’m looking for in a cup of coffee. Of course, for all I know, Sumatran may just be the white zinfandel of coffee.
  • I dislike using the word random outside its probabilistic meaning. Desultory, casual, or stray are usually more appropriate words for the way that I find most people use the word random. Unfortunately, I find myself using it inappropriately at times, so I can’t really be that critical.

Have a good weekend!


10 responses to “Casual Weekend Notes

  1. It also bothers me when people say “random” when that’s not what they mean. My kids have started saying “random” a lot lately. Must be a fad.

  2. I come down hard on this in class. usually people mean ‘arbitrary’ when they say random

  3. One very grating usage that I encountered at my last job was the use of random instead of spurious. “Random crashing” is a good example.

  4. Much as I love language totalitarianism, it still hurts when I realise that I am in the wrong. At least in this case the alternatives are seriously good words. I shall try to button up and use spurious, desultory and stray at every opportunity.

  5. “I’m addicted to Twitter, ever since I figured out how to use TweetDeck.”

    And your handle is?

  6. i say “random” at random all the time.
    (as if all variables were random variables i guess)
    as in “j. random hacker”.

  7. Thanks a lot for the blog post. Really looking forward to reading more.

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