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WoBloMo: Fail

I forgot to post yesterday. And I was so close to the end of the month!

Oh well. If you’re at all curious about how my talk went (probably not) then I can tell you that it went well. I need some practice on a few things, like planning and time management, and Suresh pointed out that I write microscopically on the board. I also realized that I didn’t plan my board layout well enough, and I glossed over bits that would have really driven the message home.

As for the paper, it’s incredibly fascinating once you get into it. I recommend it to anyone interested in the bound on union find with path compression, and why the hell the inverse Ackermann function appears there.


Pi Day

I forgot to think of anything intelligent to write about for WoBloMo, so you get this post specifically designed to hit the deadline.

You’ll notice that the post date doesn’t have an odd day. WordPress doesn’t flip for DST, so rather than bother with switching it manually (come on, WP, really?), I just leave it at the default, which is GMT. That means that this post will have a date of March 14th, which is Pi Day! But it’s still the 13th where I am, so I will meet the requirement.

Happy Pi Day!